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I don't know whats up today but I just feel down. I need to stop thinking about things so much it just ruins my whole fucking day. I hate feeling like this I wish everything could just be good for once. I was so happy yesterday and now i'm just like blah and i have to go t work and I don't really feel like it now I just want to go back to bed. Whatever at least I get to leave early and I can just come home and watch Heroes and then go to bed which I probab;y won't even do because i can't go to sleep untill like 3 a.m. ARRRRRRRRRRRH!!!!


So today I learned that god really does listen when I pray.



So my mom took my car to the dealership today and they told her it was my altanator and then they told her that it isn't covered under my warranty. Well you know what I haven't had the fucking car for even a year mother fuckers so everything should be covered under the damn warranty pricks. So anyways they told her it was going to end up costing like 530 something dollars! So my mom was like fuck that so either Jerry or Kevin one is going to fix it.

Okay anyways angela finally came out last night. It was fun although she was here really late and I feel bad cus we we're all at Taryn's house. Which by the way shaina I am soooooooooo sorry. I started hinting at like midnight that it was getting late but obviously nobody got the hint. sorry. Anyways i have come to the conclusion that i should never get drunk because i'm totally retarded when i'm simply over tired so who needs achoal ill just stay up a few hours later than i want and then ill be crazy and laugh at everything but i won't feel sick the next day! See I'm a genius :-D.





p.s. shaina you need to sign into myspace! Or your e-mail that will then tell you to sign into myspace. 

Colleges (click to make bigger)

Then And Now - Koda

Over the years- Ruben


Ups and Downs

Ups - Tonight Glees and Law & Order Svu (with Wentworth Miller) come on. And I got off work early :-(


Downs - I still don't feel great so while I usally watch Glee with shaina and Brandon (well theres only been 3 epsiodes) I think tonight im going to have to stay home and watch it myself cus my  throat hurts like hell. I couldn't really yell for kids today at work cus of my throat and Dawn's dumb ass came in and made a big deal about calling a parent cus a girl bumped her lip and it was bleeding a little. And guess what the girls mom didn't even care said it was no big deal when she came in which is exactly what dawn's stupid ass was told would happen.

R.I.P bubby

Today pretty much sucked. I'm gonna miss my ruben so much. It's so weird with out him here


R.I.P ruben i love you buddy



Okay so school started back which means circle of friends started back. So far everything has gone well with the exception of one mom. This women is a bitch. On the second day she is already complaing to Kelly about the staff. And today she came in and complained to us about her son having to do crafts last year. Her son doesn't like to do crafts and so he doesn't have to do them and saying shit like we can't make him do things because this isn't school and blah blah blah. She is the biggest bitch i really wish she would find her kid a baby sitter so we don't have to deal with her stuck up ass anymore. I guess at the end of last year she came in and asked so "Are you guys going to be back next year" and sue said she said is very rude like she didn't want us to come back. I told sue she should have asked " Is Austin going to have a diffrent mom next year" I can't stand this women. I asked mrs tan to day if we were able to make complaints about the parents to kelly i mean come on they can complain about us so we should be able to complain when one of them is a BITCH!!! there is just no nice way to say it. Well anyway mrs tan talked to Kelly said she was going to talk with dawn and Mr Miller about it and see if theres anything they can do.

Okay lets see. My personal schooling isn't going so great cus i've been slacking but hopefully the library is open and i can get back on that shit. Which reminds me i need to check and see if the library has opened back up.

I have one more weekend left and Dolphin Cove i'm actually working 2 weeks stright which i'm probably going to hat myself for but whatever i need the money i am down to having 5 dollars. Thats really not good. And i need to pay my damn credit card because there is like 37 dollars left on it so i should probably do that.

This post was mostly just to bitch and about that bitchy mom cus there really isn't a lot going on with me.

These videos made me feel better. They are made of Epic Win!

Luke Bryan and Jake Owen do Ice Ice Baby While Jason Michael Caroll laughs.


And then they do Fresh Prince

I hate boys they all suck! That’s just how is is and I’m going to have to accept it. I need to find a boyfriend. Oh wait boys are my problem. Or maybe it’s the lack of. No a boyfriend would probably  just bring me more problems and more fucking confusion!!! Or maybe it would distract me from other problems. FUCK MY LIFE! You see what I mean they just cause confusion! Its like one minute you really like someone and then you think your over it but then you think maybe not but your not sure and then theres another guy who you definetly like but you don’t really know him and you know you don’t like him as much as you use to like the guy that you don’t know if you like anymore! You know and a guy having a girlfriend is usally a turn off because they’re unavilable so maybe that’s why you can’t make up your mind or maybe it’s just because things aren’t the way they use to be. And you can sit there and be like your over it and you don’t care but then your letting things that shouldn’t bother you do just that. Like his girlfriend really thinking even for the slightest second that you went behind her back and did something with him. Or finding out there maybe the slightest chance that he doesn’t talk to you like he use to because his girlfriend knew you had feelings for him and had a problem with it! And part of you listens to him and you feel bad about some of the things that are going on with him but on the other hand your like well you’re a fucking dumbass and you shouldn’t have even went there! And you can’t help but laugh when he’s naming off all this stuff that he can’t stand and would never do and hates when other people do it and you know that his girlfriend has done it all in the past with one boyfirend or another and part of you wants to tell him that he must not know her that well but you know it’s best not to get involved. see what i mean conFUCKINGfusing. fuck fuck fuck!!!!!




p.s. the song has nothing to do with the situation its just a good song

You Got It Bad

I realy fucking do. Like you don't even know. I don't know what it is about this kid but i really like him a lot. Like I've been sick for the last 3 days which means the last 3 days should have sucked but they didn't cus i talked to him so much! Any time this kid text me it just makes my day like thats how fuking bad it is. He text me today to ask me how i was feeling and i got the biggest smile on my face i'm so fucking glad no one was around to see that cus i would have felt like such a newb. lol. I don't think I have ever liked someone this much. I mean i realy liked Nathan but this feels diffrent maybe it's just becuse im older i don't know it's just dude i don't even fucking know what i'm trying to say. Like it's weird becuse it was like all of the sudden too you know. Like i always thought he was kind of cute but i never realy liked him like that but now it's like BOOM! I don't know i think i might have started liking him after i talked to him about my parents and Nathan and all that shit. I think i'm going to go insane!

okay lets talk about something else! lets see i havn't updated this thing in forever! I am still not in collage but thats okay cus I will finish my FASA spring break and that should jump start everything. My shity car has been broken down sense like october. It broke down the day of Dena and Randy's wake. Oh yeah Deana and randy died that was pretty suckish. I got a fucking job with circle of friends that outside of the drama it has been pretty cool. I work with a little girl names Deseray she was a nightmare when i first got there but she does a lot better now. And she is so cute and really smart i'm kind of sad that she won't be there next year. But right now i'm just looking forward to spring break even though it doesn't look like it's going to be nice enough to camp. GAY!!!!! ummm lets see what else...Oh my brother got married again. At least we actually new this chick this time! she's cool her name is Erin and she has a son Dakota's age whoes name is Adien and I just love that kid so glad he's my nephew.

Hahahaha and guess what i've been going to church! I know thats crazy right! But no i really like this church i like the people there. I don't realy feel uncomfortable i think maybe it's because i've met so many of them already i don't know they're just pretty laid back and the preacher guy is kind of funny. Plus it only takes like an hour it's not like were sitting there for 3 hours being bored to death it like you listen for an hour get up talk to some people for a little bit then leave. And I really love Rob and Molly but thats not really suprising i've always thought they were pretty nice but i actually got to talk to them about the bible a little bit on sunday and i don't know I thought having that convo with people like them might be a little akward b/c of the way i look at things but they were really cool about it. And I can't believe all the crap Molly went through as a kid she is just such a happy person that i never would have guessed. 

Okay but thats about it. Yep thats right thats about it thats all that has happened in this time i haven't updated! i know my life is lame. so lets sum it up

I really really like this kid. I'm not in school yet but i'm working on it. My car broke down. Dena and Randy died (R.I.P). Got a new job. My brother got married and i now have a new nephew. And I 've been going to church. Yepp thats about it!






So lets see. Things have been okay I guess.

Well except that my grandma died. I guess thats kind of shitty. My mom was pretty mad but I don't blame her my grandparents kids really don't care about anything other than their father's money. Thats probably why they kept checking him out of the hospital they were worried that he would get mad that they let my Grandma put him in there and take them out of the will or something. Heather got mad at me because I told her to shut the fuck up when we were in the car and she was like " I can't believe grandma died" she was all like oh your just like dad you don't give a shit balh blah blah. I really wanted to pull her and tell her to walk her ass the rest of the way to work, just because I don't want to dwell on the fact hat she died doesn't mean I don't care! She can be such a bitch sometimes. And I don't know why everyone was so shocked I mean an old lady with health problems died somebody stop the fucking presses thats crazy! (I hope you picked up on the sarcassm their shaina). Not to mention this is what she wanted anyways she was tired of fighting with everyone she pretty much flat out told me grandma she was ready to go.

Okay moving on I called Kelly about working circle of friends well she called me back but I was at work so I called her back but then she was on the phone and so I left another message that was on friday and she still hasn't called me back. Maybe I'm just being impatient but I think I'm going to look around for other jobs too because I'm not sure I even want to work cirlce of friends I mean don't get me wrong it would be cool but I think I might want something where I can get more hours.

okay so today I got my new schdule for work and I'm pretty happy because I don't work sundays anymore wich means my weekends are completely opeaned. I was a little bumbed about it at first becuse tsunday was the day I got the most hours but then I relized that I now work todays in the evening wich gives me more hours than the morning shift so that was cool.
But anyways I worked a double today but it was pretty easy I mostly did a lot of reading so now I'm fianlly past chapter 24 of breaking dawn. I don't know what happen it took me like two days to get to Ch 24 and then I just stoped reading. I would come home from work chill for a little then go next door or something or play with the dog. I don't really know all i know is that I fell behind on my reading a lot. But i'm going to get through it now becuse once I'm done with this book I'm thinking I'm gonna read Generation Kill. I really love the show on HBO. I mean at first I just watched an epsiode because Kellen was in it but then I really got into it it's really funny and intresting and sometimes sad. But I am definetly intrested in reading the book now!

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: "Look at me brad I'm a man now just like you except... I don't look like a fagit and talk all educated" hahahahaha thats cracks me up. Best charcter in the show!