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slavetomyanger's Journal


I love music mostly rock and country. My favorite rock bands include A7X ( I Love them) crossfade, nickleback, 3DD, story of the year,Linkin Park, creed,FOB, Alter Bridge, Thin Lizzy, Breaking Benjerman (sp?).

and then there are rock bands who have songs I like but I have yet to buy one of their cds they include Pantera, Stone Sour, Guns 'N' Roses, Misfits, Black stone cherry, P.O.D, Disturbed (I can't belive I don't own one of their Cds),Staind,and Metallica.

I love country music and have been listening to it all my life so I love so many country artist I won't even try to name them all. it will take too long.


I love animals and I hope to be a wild life bilolgist or a zoologist.


I love my family and I think we all get along pretty well. except me and my sister fight alot but thats normal we still have fun together though. I love my brother we don't ever really fight and we've always been really close and I consider him one of my best friends and I hate that he is lives so farway now. I'm also close to my cousin Angela and we always have fun when were together as a matter of fact I would say me my brother and my sister are all pretty close with her and her sister and brothers. We all grew up together and spent alot of time together when we we're younger. I have two adorable niceses who I love very much (they're my brother's kids).


I don't have alot of firends just a few that I'm close too and I pretty much consider them family too. I look at it as I don't need a bunch of fake people who don't really care about me and will only hang around for a week. The friends I have have been and will be around for longer than a damn month. they are people that I will most likely still be talking to 20 years from now. I also don't feel the need to difine myself by how many friends I have and I don't think not having alot of friends makes me a loser in anyway. there are ton's of other things that make me a loser lol.

My Friends- Kerianne, Shaina, and Taryn
(I have family that fits here too if you read the family part you know who they are)

I have other people that I talk to here and there and sometimes hang out with but they are nothing like these 3 and I would never tell them the things that I tell these 3 or certin family members.