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So Annoyed

I am so fed up with the people running this country! I was all for Obama when he was running and all the change he wanted to bring. Now we got Obama wheres the change? I'm also concerned that Kanye West can make an ass out of himself and the President comments on that or how he'll comment on how Michale Vick desreves another chance but millions of birds all over the world drop dead out of the sky for no reasson starting in this country and the President has said nothing! Really? come on? and of course they have blunt force trama THEY FELL OUT OF THE SKY! I feel this is something that deserves a little attention. Surely more than Kanye got at least. Ecspecailly when the most logical explantion I have heard outside of the world ending envolves a goverment cover up...and ill be honest i'm starting to believe it to an extent. I say to an extent because some of it is just absolutely rediculous in my eyes but there are parts there that make me think that maybe they made a bad choice but with good intentions. Either way I think they no more than they're telling us about the bird shit and it annoys me! My hope for 2011 is that the american government proves me wrong and gets this country back on track.
On a side note I would really like to get more invlolved start some kind of program to help clean up this country. Something to keep kids from joining gangs and maybe even turning gangs back into what they were ment to be. I wish I could find a way to make them relize that they could amount to more than a criminal that they could be something good. They could be a solid foundation for kids who don't have one. after all thats what attract most kids to gangs anyhow. I don't know I just hope something can restore my faith in this country.