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So Annoyed

I am so fed up with the people running this country! I was all for Obama when he was running and all the change he wanted to bring. Now we got Obama wheres the change? I'm also concerned that Kanye West can make an ass out of himself and the President comments on that or how he'll comment on how Michale Vick desreves another chance but millions of birds all over the world drop dead out of the sky for no reasson starting in this country and the President has said nothing! Really? come on? and of course they have blunt force trama THEY FELL OUT OF THE SKY! I feel this is something that deserves a little attention. Surely more than Kanye got at least. Ecspecailly when the most logical explantion I have heard outside of the world ending envolves a goverment cover up...and ill be honest i'm starting to believe it to an extent. I say to an extent because some of it is just absolutely rediculous in my eyes but there are parts there that make me think that maybe they made a bad choice but with good intentions. Either way I think they no more than they're telling us about the bird shit and it annoys me! My hope for 2011 is that the american government proves me wrong and gets this country back on track.
On a side note I would really like to get more invlolved start some kind of program to help clean up this country. Something to keep kids from joining gangs and maybe even turning gangs back into what they were ment to be. I wish I could find a way to make them relize that they could amount to more than a criminal that they could be something good. They could be a solid foundation for kids who don't have one. after all thats what attract most kids to gangs anyhow. I don't know I just hope something can restore my faith in this country.

oh what the hell

I don't know how I feel anymore and it's really annoying and confusing and retarded and stupid and a million other words I can't think of right now.

A day for fighting

so apprently being sick of being treated like shit makes me a bitch. well excusse me but i'm only human! I do shit for you all the time but the second I don't want to or I don't see things the way you do i'm a bitch! You know after a while you just get tired of the bullshit. Oh and how dare me expect you to replace my camera that you broke 8 months ago! And you know i didn't say anything about it for the first 6 months but after watching you put it off for this and for that I'm a little sick of it so excuse the hell out of me for bugging you abot it the last month or so. so yeah sorry i'm such a fucking bitch!
I have spent the better part of today saying I HATE those people with everything in me. How much I can't stand them how they're all cold hearted bastards and money hungry stuck up evil pices of shit. They have made it very clear for the last four years just how much they didn't care about that old man and yet they have the nerve to treat my mother as if she wasn't just as much a part of my grandpa's family as they were! But you know what the only reasson in the world for me to even acknowledge their existence is gone so i'm done. I don't hate them it takes to much out of a person to hate someone and it turns you into a nasty person and quite frankly they aren't worth it. The last thing in the world i would ever want in to be like them. So R.I.P Grandpa Mike we loved you for you, you knew it and thats all that matters. and in the words of Garth Brooks "Blood is thicker than water but love is thicker than blood." and spoken words have never rang more true.


that epsoide of Crimnal Minds you were talking about with James Van Der Beek is coming on sunday

Dear Earthquake

Fuck you shaking people's houses at 4 in the morning what the fuck is wrong with you!


so last night i was looking for something to watch while i was going to bed and i went to southland on demand and the fourth epsoide was up lol.


This is the worst one yet. I mean Heath Ledger was bad but The Rev! I love that guy so much he cracked me up on those damn dvds. I am so fucking sad. Like i can't even think of a word right now to discribe how sad i fucking am. And i never got to see them in concert! stupid fucking me. I feel so bad for the a7x guys and his family. I really can't believe this shit happened. I know it was probab;y drugs which makes me even more sad b/c i'm pretty sure he had been clean for a a while i mean he even gained weight and shit. This is my fucking Elvis my Michale Jackson except worse because The Rev didn't diddle little boys! R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullvian Avenged Sevenfold will just never be the same.

An Open Letter to Tiger Woods

Dear Mr Woods Thank you so much for cheating on your wife a billion times because now thanks to your screw up we all have to suffer and have the personal details of your annoying ass life shoved in our faces! p.s. your a jerk! but not because you cheated on your wife but because I have to hear about it 24/7 Nancy Grace won't shut up about you so I hope your happy because you are taking air time away from missing children!


I'am just not having a good fucking day at all. First my stupid car broke down and i had to sit in the shell parking lot for 2 hours and then the kids at work were just horrible! and i'm just completely fusterated and I wish i had a punching bag. On the up side the only problem with the car was the battery so now it's fixed thank god for that at least!